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Transitioning from camper

to COunselor

Completion of 7th Grade or Above

All Junior Counselors will be asked to take on an active role with the group of campers they are asked to assist. Campers look up to our JC's and look to them for guidance. This means that junior counselors must participate in all the activities that campers do including swimming, sports, crafts, etc. It is our belief that the more our JC's put into the experience the more they will get out of it. 
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First Year Junior Counselors Pay Full Tuition, from there 2nd and 3rd year JC's have the opportunity to APPLY for LIMITED discounted JC positions. 2nd and 3rd year JC's can email to Apply.
Our Junior Counselors are still registered campers who are the responsibility of Good Times Summer Day Camp. That said, our JC program is designed to prepare our campers to be responsible, self-motivated helpers. Being a JC takes a genuine commitment to growing and taking on new responsibilities beyond that of a camper.
We look forward to seeing the positive contributions  our JC's make to Good Times and our campers experience.
Check Out Our JC Evaluation Form Below:
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