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CRAFTS: Crafts are carefully chosen to challenge our campers' creative and cognitive skills. These projects are an essential part of the camp experience because they provide campers time to develop their artistic and social skills as well as the opportunity to nourish their growing self-confidence.
KIDS COOK: On a weekly basis each team has the opportunity to get creative and put to their cooking skills to the test. Groups have the opportunity to have some fun by making several kid-friendly recipes from scratch such as: salsa, pigs in a blanket, homemade chocolate chip cookies, and more.
Follies: Follies is our annual End of Summer Celebration. Campers and counselors work hard each day at our all camp flag raising ceremony each morning as well as in individual groups. Each team has fun putting together a routine to give their parents a taste of how much fun they had at Good Times. Follies exemplifies the spirit of Good Times and truly is a remarkable way to cap off all the amazing summer memories.
SPECIALISTS: Good Times Hires a number of staff whose sole responsibility is to facilitate crafts, kids cook, special events, sports games, etc as groups rotate through. These specialists allow  our campers to waste no time and  jump right into the action when arriving to an activity around the camp.
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